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We hope you enjoyed these pictures of some of the finest mature bottoms. Spankeefinder looks forward to publishing our spankee and escort listings just as soon as it is safe for you gentlemen to place a firm hand on a soft female bottom. We were all looking forward to being able to practice our CP skills once again, when along came Lockdown lll. Of course it is all our interests to follow the guidlines, keep our distance - wash hands - protect others.

Did you know there is a foolproof way to avoid infecting others with Covid? Quite simple really, don't get infected yourself!

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That may sound a bit obvious, but it is probably the best advice around. Seriously, by now we at Spankeefinder were hoping to have launched our new site with updated listings of spankees and escorts. We have received several applications to our listings from new ladies with services to offer.

In the meantime we will all have to be patient. Watch this space for news of the return of Spankeefinder and in the meantime catch up on postings below. After an absence of 14 months, Spankeefinder is returning. We are presently compiling the listings of spankees and escorts in readiness for publication.

Since the site went 'off air' because of Covid, some of the ladies listed have retired, but we have uk spankee finder contacted by others ready to the website. Every spankee and escort is being contacted to confirm their wish to remain listed, or indeed any spankee or escort who re this announcement is welcome to get in touch with us on spankeefinder gmail. The Spankeefinder website is almost ready. Every day we hear from more of our listed spankees and escorts who are ready to return to the spanking scene.

And, we have a growing list of new spankees eager to the No 1 spanking contact list in the UK. Spankeefinder returns very soon with many favourites from our pre-Covid days, and several new faces eager to please. Switch Editions? Channel: spankeefinder. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or about this channel. Viewing latest articles. Browse all Browse latest View live. Another superb afternoon of discipline with hand, leather and cane.

Click on Stinging Tails to obtain full information about the event.

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These parties are hosted by Spankeefinder listed Daniellewith guest spankees Josephine and Marta. Danielle is ready for punishment. Never been to a spanking party? Well there is nothing to worry about, and you will be just as welcome as a regular partygoer. Let the organiser know that this is your first time and every effort will be made to put you at ease, and see you get a good time. Nervous of spanking someone in front of others? Remember that everyone at the party wants you to have a good time, and the ladies will do everything to help you enjoy yourself. The next Bottoms Up party is in just a week's time on the 22nd March.

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With a denim and gingham theme and an outstanding line up of ladies, this is not to be missed. No less than 5 of the 6 ladies at the party are Spankeefinder listed. BU Party Organiser - Leia. There is a choice of venues for the next two Stinging Tails parties.

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Both events will be celebrating Danielle's birthday, and you can be assured that when it comes to spanking there will be 'many happy returns'. The party on the 7th April is in Birmingham and will have Spankeefinder listed Danielle and Chloetogether with new girl Amber. The party on the 11th April is in London and features Spankeefinder listed Danielle together with Rebecca and Jessica. We welcome Katharina Krieger to Spankeefinder listings.

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Katharina is a highly experienced and capable switch, and gentlemen are guaranteed to enjoy the time they spend with her. As a spankee Katharina can be coquettish and delightfully spankable, as a domme she can be strictness itself, and fulfills both roles with practised expertise. The Roving Spanker recommends the delightful Ms Krieger to all discerning gentlemen. News of two parties coming up shortly. Note this is a switch party so it is a matter of 'give and take' so to speak. There are no less than six spankees at this party, including Spankeefinder listed party organiser LeiaRed, and Donnawith Nikita, Wynter and Aleesha.

Six lovely ladies to give you an action packed afternoon. Thursday 20th September is the date of the next 2Kings party. This is a Lingerie themed party, so be prepared for stockings and suspenders, and other frillies, which the girls will likely shed during the course of the evening. So far the line up of girls is Spankeefinder listed Sallytogether with Frankie and Maxine, and new girl Lexi. Sally This is a switch party, so any gentlemen who are so inclined, can experience some punishment for themselves. Switching is not compulsory! Maxine Further details will be found on the 2Kings website.

After a break for the summer Stinging Tails has returned with a full program of parties. We have details of three uk spankee finder in the coming days. Danielle has recently acquired this magnificent vaulting horse, so that she and the other spankees can be given a proper traditional punishment. Want to give Danielle six-of-the-best over this classic device? Just follow the links and in the fun.

Girls will uk spankee finder Girls! Even Bad Girls get to enjoy Christmas. Owing to a fault caused by our hosting company, Heart Internet, the website is down at the moment. It may be a problem affecting other sites because so far there has been no action from their customer support team. Watch this space! Darling there is something to celebrate Hot off the press is the news that Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act is to be dropped. This is the legislation that would have brought in age verification for access to internet sites that were judged to be pornagraphic.

Thanks to the efforts of Pandora BlakeMyles Jackman and others, the new law was found to be unworkable. No doubt there will be further attempts to block internet content but it will be some time coming. We never did find out quite what our Government and the elves of the Civil Service defined as pornagraphic.

One definition was 'Likely to cause sexual arousal'. Well go clubbing any weekend and there will be plenty to see that will fit that definition! Ok, to be serious, it is highly undesirable that young people are able to access some of the extreme content on the internet, but that is what parental controls are for.

Parents and those in charge of young people must exercise control over what youngsters can access. At Spankeefinder we lay down strict guidelines as to the content of images and text. Any youngster who comes across our site will see nothing currupting, just evidence of a good old English tradition! So why have we illustrated this piece with these vintage pictures of Bettie ? Well generations of young men have enjoyed seeing the charms of uk spankee finder delighful glamour model as well as others, without any danger of corruption.

Stinging Tails Danielle. Not only did the gentleman need to judge the exact moment of each chime, but the young lady had to keep perfectly still while 12 perfectly timed strokes landed only a few seconds apart. Unfortunately, we were unable to share the video with you. By way of consolation we have discovered videos on the internet of two well known spanking stars, Belinda Lawson and Alison Miller, receiving wooden paddles to the chimes of Big Ben. The timing is not as accurate as last year's video, but these spanking stars give a first rate, and well marked, performance.

Belinda Lawson The web address for Belinda's video is Before Christmas the Roving Spanker attended the largest party of the year run by 2Kings. There were about 15 ladies with roughly twice that of gentlemen. This event started with all the gentlemen seated in two circles, with the ladies moving from lap to lap, taking a hand spanking. The building rang to the sound of firm hands being applied to compliant female bottoms. The registrar of the spankeefinder. Fear not just use :- www. The pink panties clash with the roses on the skirt, but apart from that some splendid tan-lines on a generous bottom.

Not a good idea to give some backchat when you're just about to get a caning! When there's no gentlemen to spank you it's a case of do-it-yourself. The prelude to every good spanking includes the baring of the bottom. Gentlemen, it is a trial that after months of the spanking scene being quiet, it will still be so for a while yet. We at Spankeefinder cannot make the time pass quicker, but we do know what you are missing!

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As the title says this posting is about spankable mature ladies. Classic Lines like an Uk spankee finder Type Jaguar As many curves as the Stelvio Pass Sometimes, one just knows that a bottom needs to be spanked Very nicely upholstered - pity about the sofa There's nothing to beat a nice sea view Is it just me or are tan-lines more spankable This lady goes beyond spankable - definitely cane-able The lovely Australian Vanessa - not just spankable - look carefully on the net, there are videos of her being spanked and tamed with a riding crop Another of the shapely Vanessa - sexier curves than the Sydney Opera House A final one of Vanessa - actually a still from a very rare video where she is given a caning.

There's an invitation for you the unveiling of a beautiful bottom Well, this is a lively one! Any excuse for taking down the secretary's panties! So smooth, so sexy, so needing a spanking We all like a cheerful one Oh dear, she's in trouble Another one in trouble Nice rythm going there Always like to see a maid in the proper uniform The next time a girl tells you she's a legal secretary you will know exactly what she does.

Funny how men are born knowing what to do with a riding crop! More s to Explore Latest Images. The new Kyoto Animation commercials will have you in tears in just 30 seconds July 13,am.

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Chinese miner reported to NEC for over working conditions July 12,am. Fletcher Speedboat July 11,am. The 11 best luggage brands of whether you're planning a road trip or a July 9,am. Five Frames From? July 8,am. Looks uk spankee finder Jenny is having second thoughts about a spanking. Amanda is so keen to be spanked she even says "Please". Getting down to business the traditional way - skirt up, knickers down. Tan lines and suspenders just add to the attraction of this delightful derriere - as for the tartan thong - no comment!

A chance to see this shapely bottom from all angles. Just to prove it doesn't have to be bare to be spankable. This young lady has been properly warmed up, so now for the feel of leather. A gold plated cane - The perfect gift - Almost too good to use. Sometimes, one just knows that a bottom needs to be spanked. Very nicely upholstered - pity about the sofa. Is it just me or are tan-lines more spankable.

Uk spankee finder

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