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About Privacy Policy. Having trouble finding someone to roleplay with? You came to the right place!

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This blog is meant to advertise those who're in need of a role-play partner and one-on-one role-plays. All you have to do is submit the required information and hopefully someone will meet your requirements and become your roleplay partner! We looked inside some of the posts by roleplay-partner-finder and here's what we found interesting. Time between posts. Explore Tagged Posts. Will you do what is best for your kingdom and create alliances or will you burn cities to the ground? There are six kingdoms.

They have all been split for generations, causing many wars and disagreements. This process must be a success for the families powers of each kingdom are fading through the years since they have usually married those of similar powers so their powers have dimmed and have begun to fade through the generations. Now they must try to unite their kingdoms and reinvent a new level power, although not everyone is prepared to share their power or their kingdoms.

Message me on here or on tumblr arianoakenshield or on Discord at: Faye if interested! Hey there, y'all can me Roleplay partner finder. I have an idea in place and actually a bit of a start explaining my OC and ending in the perfect place for Dean to be able to show up. I'm a literate writer, and prefer to play with others who are as well.

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Someone who will give at the very least one GOOD paragraph. Not just one or two sentences. That just makes it no fun. Other than being a literate RPer, my only other requirement for my partner is that they be 18 or older as I am over 18 and I don't want any trouble. So in this line there would definitely be spoilers if you haven't seen at least up to like season And I fucked with the timeline a little, mostly when certain characters are introduced and when the boys get the bunker. The line takes place during Sam's demon blood drinking phase while trying to keep Lucifer from escaping the cage, but they do already have the bunker.

He is a crossdresser, not transgendered, though is oh so very aware he does look like a girl and doesn't get too pissed off when he is mistaken for one. It annoys him, makes him hate roleplay partner finder more and more for being closed minded that a boy can't be pretty too and that they're weird when they are. But because of what he is, he doesn't really like humans anyways. Now, that's just the idea that I have thought out. But really, what I really, really wanna do is play my Izzy is some way against Dean Winchester.

If you're cool with playing Dean Winchester against my Crossdressing Izzy in some way then I'm still totally intrested. I have different ways I've played Izzy in the writing examples below, but I seriously have used Izzy for so long that I have learned to be able to find a way to twist him into so many different kinds of lines. I've lost count of how many versions of Izzy that exist inside of my head anymore lol. Of you're not into playing Dean, I am open to other ideas as long as i get to play some version of my Izzy.

I check my e-mail much more often than the other messages though since I get notifications roleplay partner finder my phone for those. Hey there, y'all can me Tomi. Toe-Me is how its pronounced. I check my e-mail much more often than the tumblr messages though since I get notifications on my phone for those. I have been writing for 10 years and RPing for 9. I enjoy writing fiction and writing fanfiction, and I love to RP, to create a wonderful story full of twists and turns! But of course, we can talk more after the connection is established.

I love sharing ideas and working through plot points. I am available most of the time during the week, and all weekends, if something comes up I will be sure to notify my partner in advance :D. If you are interested message me with at Fayep gmail. I'm going to try this one more time, in hopes that I can find a partner that's extremely compatible. I'm done compromising so much, because in the end I always end up with the short end of the stick and I'm settling for less for my roleplay, when my partner is getting everything they want and more from me for theirs.

If I still have your attention, please continue reading, I promise, I'm not mean. My name is Sunnie. I'm I'm female, I'm Married and I'm a mom. I'm available all the time, I work from home and I have no social life aside from family and internet friends. Please be available daily for multiple replies.

I need someone to match my availability and excitement. I hate spotty. So if you have a tendency to disappear, please don't message me. I write in first person. But, for the right person, I would consider writing third. However, just because I write in first, I don't expect you to. You can write in third as long as you roleplay partner finder care if my replies are in first. I like quantity over quality, but that doesnt mean I want crappy replies.

I will accept nothing less than 2 paragraphs each reply. I like detail, but I also like fast paced replies. Just as I care about every one of mine. I try to give my partner the best, and I expect you as my partner to give me the best you got as well. I have only 3 limits. No incest and no bathroom play.

And please, do NOT control my character. I will not fade to black unless Smut has become too frequent that barely ever happens So with that being said, you need to be of age. I won't roleplay with you, if you are not I self insert, and I have many OCs that you can choose from, or, I will play whoever you want me to be from a fandom. If I don't know the character, I will do research and watch videos and try to play that character justice for you. If you know either of those characters and have played them before or genuinely want to play them, please hit me up.

I double up only, so its fair. You get what you want, I get what I want, so everybody is happy. I like love triangles and cheating, supernatural plots and dark plots. That's what keeps the roleplay interesting. It's roleplay, not real life, so I don't understand why people have problems with stepping outside of their comfort zone to keep things exciting. Roleplay partner finder you do in roleplay shouldn't effect your morals. If you're looking to only play female characters, Dont hit me up. We roll with diversity over here. If you have any other questions, or are wanting to discuss something I have not went over, please feel free to ask.

Every advert should start with a writing sample. Call me Worm!

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Mid twenties, EST, been in the game for nearly 16 years. I write original characters strictly in paragraph format, third-person - past tense. My heart flutters over detailed descriptions, immersive worldbuilding and the ability to muse passions back and forth. You can expect replies ofwords depending on the flow of the roleplay. Setting up a scene, lots happening? Big word count. Conversations, actions depending on the other characters response? Rapid low word count.

Let's craft a long-term story.

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Replies every day to every other day. I am desperately searching for dreary themes, crime, murder, conflict of interests, torment, abduction, agony - anything among those lines. I do not fade to black and definitely enjoy incorporating smut along with a fascinating story.

Toss me a writing sample. : roleplayvenom gmail. I want the RP to definitely be more story based! The angstier and fluffier the better! I'm looking to do smut Roleplays with, that includes Fandom Scenarios or just regular mundane stuff. Finding someone who is down for long-term would be great, but if that's not your thing then that's fine.

We can discuss stuff. My Kinks are almost anything. My limits are no Minors, Animals, Death, or toilet roleplay partner finder. We can discuss it. If anything interests you, then feel free to send me a message : KiK: MistaAman That being said, I usually do paragraph-style roleplay.

Call me Willow. I am a minor, but I will not say what age I am. I have a OC for Persona 5! I have an amazing idea where she has a palace for herself, and have no one to do it with.

Roleplay partner finder

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