Roleplay incest

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For as long as I have been sexually active, I've had a thing for incest roleplay, but have never roleplayed it before. I'm extremely turned on by being called "Mommy", things like that. I'm in a stable long-term relationship with a roleplay incest, we're in our mid 20's. He's found things that hint to my interest in this before, but politely honored my request to never speak of it again. He found this stuff around a year ago. Recently, we had a conversation about fetishes and my Unspeakable Fetish came up.

Basically, he assured me that nothing I could say would put him off, barring scat things, and said other things alluding to an interest in age difference roleplay. My question is - how do I know if he knows exactly what I'm getting at? Is there any way to introduce this into our relationship without me looking like a total creep?

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Anyone with experience introducing a "taboo" fetish into sex life is welcome to contribute, any and all advice is appreciated. I had a girlfriend who was into this stuff. She would dress up like a cricket and make chirping noises during sex while calling me a dirty little beetle.

It was weird, but I didn't find it creepy per se. Men are easy.

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Yeaaaaah no. Everytime I'd see my mom it would be fucking weird. I already avoid incest porn. Fucking hate that shit. Milfs are hot roleplay incest all, but don't say "mommy" ffs. Why is this taboo? It's not like you're going to commit actual incest. Fuck it. Just tell him. Even if it turns out he's really not into that, I doubt he'd make a particularly big deal out of it, if he already knows there's something kinky going on in that mind of yours.

The best is just talk to him directly about it, communication is key. If he feels uncomfortable about it, then you have to respect that, but if he said nothing would put him off them I'm guessing that it probably won't affect your relationship at all. As a guy I believe that kinky sex is still sex. Within legal bounds that is. Tell him about Fetlife. You two create s with your respective kinks listed. You show one another your completed s and your little fetish can be discussed. Watch this scene with him. Then tell him he's Joe Dirt and you're [whatever her name is] next time he's banging you.

From there, you can handle it I think. Humor is often the best way to break into something otherwise Tie him up, force him to wear diapers, feed him from a bottle, and treat him like your son for a few weeks. How do I tell if my boyfriend is into incest roleplay? Posted by 9 years ago. First off: Yes, this is really creepy. I know. Sort by: best. Incest, not insect. You're my favorite. I have so many questions.

Roleplay incest does one dress like a cricket? What the Did she want you to address her as Jiminy Cricket? Welp, thats enough internet for me for one day. Good night. Just FYI, I'm your long lost brother. Continue this thread.

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Just ask him. I believe that kinky sex is still sex. As a guy, I believe, all kinds of sex is sex. I love you. Keep rocking that roleplay. He's into it. That is all. Trust us here. If he's your brother he's probably into it. More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts september 28th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

Roleplay incest

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