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OnlyFans, a social media platform that allows people to sell explicit photos of themselves, has boomed during the pandemic. Savannah Benavidez created an OnlyFans after losing her job as a medical biller. By Gillian Friedman. Savannah Benavidez stopped working at her job as a medical biller in June to take care of her 2-year-old son after his day care shut down. Needing a way to pay her bills, she created an on OnlyFans — a social media platform where users sell original content to monthly subscribers — and started posting photos of herself nude or in lingerie.

Lexi Eixenberger was hoping for a similar windfall when she started an OnlyFans in November. A restaurant worker in Billings, Mont. Eixenberger, 22, has been laid off three times during the pandemic and was so in need of cash by October that she had to drop out of dental hygiene school. OnlyFans, founded in and based in Britain, has boomed in popularity during the pandemic.

As of December, it had more than 90 million users and more than one million content creators, up fromin The company declined to comment for this article. With millions of Americans unemployed, some like Ms. Benavidez and Ms. Eixenberger are turning to OnlyFans in an attempt to provide for themselves and their families. The pandemic has taken a particularly devastating toll on women and mothers, wiping out parts of the economy where women dominate: retail businesses, restaurants and health care.

But for every person like Ms. Benavidez, who is able to use OnlyFans as her primary source of income, there are dozens more, like Ms. Eixenberger, who hope for a windfall and end up nudes 4 sale little more than a few hundred dollars and worries that the photos will hinder their ability to get a job in the future. Jones said of explicit content online. The most successful content creators are often models, porn stars and celebrities who already have large social media followings. They can use their other online platforms to drive followers to their OnlyFans s, where they offer exclusive content to those willing to pay a monthly fee nudes 4 sale even personalized content in exchange for tips.

OnlyFans takes a 20 percent cut of any pay. Benavidez earns most of her money this way. But many of the creators who have ed the platform out of dire financial need do not have large social media followings or any way to drum up consistent business.

But Ms. Morocco, 36, had no social media presence to speak of when she ed the platform, and has had to gain subscribers one by one — by posting pictures of herself on Instagram and Twitter, and following up with people who like and comment on her posts, encouraging each one to subscribe to OnlyFans.

Morocco also worries that her presence on the platform will make it more difficult for her to be hired for traditional jobs in the future. Digital sex work can give the illusion of safety and privacy — content creators can get paid without having to interact with clients in person. Last April, a mechanic in Indiana lost her job at a Honda dealership after management learned she had an OnlyFans.

The medic believed that the article, published without her consent, would damage her reputation and get her fired from her job. OnlyFans creators have also received death and rape threats on social media. OnlyFans content creators can face not just professional consequences but personal ones, too.

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Eixenberger has been keeping her secret from her father, but knows he will find out now that she has gone public. Others say the experience has been empowering. She started an OnlyFans in December.

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Nudes 4 sale

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