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Hey, does the site still do custom avatars? I sent in a request a little over a week ago and haven't heard back. Also, Miss Niki - I also got that "too many gotos" message when I had a goto line pointing to an ID that didn't exist.

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JakeA NEW 1 year ago I've only just registered here today, and have not even cracked the book yet. Been busy answering all the "welcome" chats, for which I'm very grateful. Can't remember all the bots who extended those warm welcomes; I'm hoping there's a list somewhere of everyone I've chatted with.

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Anyway, thanks, y'all. AddisonJudah NEW 1 year ago Warrior25 NEW 1 year ago Aye anyway to fix certain words not being pick up? Another example would be "Neko" it won't pick that up either. LT Neko in the first case, "let's" as in "let us" should be written as "let us".

Works fine. If I remove all my xemote will this allow some phrases that normally would get caught by it always. LaserDude NEW 1 year ago Is there a syntax to include multiple objects in a conditional? What I'd like to do mistress chatbot have an expression of the form: IF mem-X is "this" or "that" or "something else" ; then produce this response.

I've tried a variety of permutations of this that "this" "that"etc. Zeig Wolf NEW 1 year ago P:furry plugin not working is not working in the keyphrase are P:furry furry in lilaith x chatbot.

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Mistress chatbot

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