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Portland, Oregon: KinkFest It includes three days of classes, a huge vendor fair, and over twenty hours of open dungeon. This year attendees had over fifty classes to choose from. Friday and Saturday night were both hopping in the dungeon. There were over 40 vendors in all.

While there, I ran across something that was an entirely new concept for me: ceramic insertables! You can kinkfest portland oregon them for yourself at the Big Rooster Pottery web site. I admired the leather gear offered by House of Wolframa relatively new producer with flawless offerings. He even offered to pair silver hardware with burgundy leather since I cannot bear gold. Miss Haley chatted with me about her love of luxurious texture, while her fetching male helpers fluttered around assisting customers. About 40 Queer identified folks gathered in the lobby at 8pm Saturday night.

Participants were invited to How Queer! After that, we headed into the dungeon together and participated in a consent-based game of Spin the Bottle. Following is a tour of some of the classes I attended. Please note that quotes are not direct, they are paraphrased.

This was not just a chronological list of events, but included his personal memories of deep involvement in early organizing and activism. Of course, it felt especially poignant with the concern and horror so many of us are experiencing in our current political climate. What I appreciated most, was his forward thinking list of projects representing ongoing issues that we should be working on today; he offered this as a way to level up after teaching classes and general organizing. Issues to work on within our community include domestic violence, classism, racism, and sexism.

When I first sat down in the classroom I was a sole participant, when I left I felt reconnected to a greater purpose: activism in the name of sexual freedom. From my perspective he successfully enlightened and emboldened his audience, all while building our sense of connection and responsibility. His class created the perfect lens from which to view the entire weekend. Patrick inspires hope that we can combat the in-fighting amongst sexual minorities, collaborate and create change to legitimize all forms of sexual expression.

About half of the audience was arranged up front, paired off, trying out rope techniques as he spoke. The other half were sitting on chairs, watching and listening. Manque covered the use of particular pressure points, both kinkfest portland oregon release and giving endorphins, and quite a of rope ties that would emphasize vulnerability and helplessness for the rope bottom. He spoke about giving his bottoms a good dose of dopamine about every ten minutes, so that they maintain a base level and are able to enjoy the scene longer.

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If they are puddling, they have gone white, are in the zone, and the noise in their head goes away. Most of all, he said, as a top you should also enjoy this space because you have successfully created it for them.

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This is why you need to get your negotiating done beforehand. Specifically about being intentional about the emotional and the physical connections you make while tying your bottom and being strong and sensual while staying present.

I identify as a queer, female, not so hopeless romantic — his style resonates with me. Have you ever wanted to be a chair? A table? Some other inanimate object of little worth? Or maybe you wanted to have a human bath mat? Kalisti addressed all of these points in her Objectification class. Most impressive to me, was how flawlessly she flowed from addressing able-bodied versions of this play to offering ways to accommodate a wide range of differently-abled bodies.

She included instruction should the person you are objectifying have bad knees, a bad back, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and a of other examples.

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Her inclusion and normalization of such considerate play was extremely moving. She offered clarification on the difference between humiliation and degradation. To her, degradation is much deeper and gets to the core of her interest in objectification. When she is objectifying someone, she is making sure that they know they have no worth beyond their object value, kinkfest portland oregon with consent, of course! She created a fun, dynamic energy in the classroom and had very enthusiastic volunteers from the audience to become quite an array of furniture and objects.

Just being present in the room felt like we were all privy to a sort of dangerous conspiracy. His slide presentation mixed imagery from actual government torture, historic video footage of prisoners of war, and BDSM play scenes. We learned about the Reid Interrogation technique, which is no longer used by police. Despite being very successful in producing confessions, it turns out that the confessions garnered are often false. Not an issue for BDSM play! For this technique the questioner will walk into the room with a file folder and start with an accusation.

After capture, leaving people alone in a blank room and completely isolated from the rest of the world is a very effective way to build tension. Control your own anger, only use anger as a false display for effect.

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Over time, you want to sway their perception of personal risk versus reward for compliance. Another useful tip: if you arrange the person that you are questioning in a way that causes their body to experience pain passively, such as forcing them to maintain a squat, they are psychologically less likely to blame you for the pain they endure. This is also true if you have prisoners act out violence on one another, rather than administering it yourself. With anal play, the key to success is in starting slow and letting your ass expand slowly.

For hygiene, lubricant is quite important for less tears and micro-cuts, plus it feels quite a bit better.

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For safety, always play with toys that have a retrieval loop or a flared base, otherwise you might lose your toy inside your butt with no way to get it back. A few more safety tips included not going from ass to mouth or from ass kinkfest portland oregon vagina. Both of these could cause infection. For safer sex there are condoms, finger cots, and gloves to help. If you have long nails a cotton ball in the tips of the fingers can make things safer and more comfortable. Unlocking Your Hidden Powers. Fakir Musafar is well-known for putting needles into skin, often as part of ritual play.

He started the class by letting us know that needles are just one way of changing the relationship between our physical and energetic bodies. It can also be done with meditation, yoga, and more. We are not just body and mind, he continued, but much bigger.

It is possible to separate our electromagnetic bodies from our physical bodies. Musafar told us a fascinating story about his first out of body experience. He was just 17 and had been reading a lot about the subject. One weekend when his parents went out of town, he got a chance to try it.

He lost all feeling, paralysis moved up from his feet to his head.

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He felt prepared to die. When the paralysis reached his forehead, he ejected from his body and felt as though he was floating in warm, sticky goo. He eventually gained the ability to see with a sort of fuzzy vision and went exploring until dawn. Musafar emphasized that whatever your attention is on, is where you are. What your attention is on, is what you become. Stella Harris is an intimacy coach and educator, this class brought a lot of wonderful tips to the audience for having conversations about what we want in sex or play. There are quite a of reasons that people might have trouble communicating on this topic.

One she sees often, is simply that people want to be polite. This can manifest as an issue even if two people are very compatible. For example, imagine a scenario where one person in a relationship strongly prefers giving oral sex, whereas the other person prefers receiving. However, in this scenario the one who enjoys giving would be entirely pleased just to be able to give. We can make it playful, experimental, and time limited. She emphasized that this takes away some of the pressure. Instead of setting up a new activity in a way kinkfest portland oregon might fail, participants can instead revel in the success of any part of it.

How do you ask for feedback during sex or play? Make sure when you are asking for feedback that you are keeping in mind the difference between a request and a demand. With a request, it is.

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One quite enjoyable exercise she lead us through was thinking of something from pop culture that was hot for us and distilling it down to its component parts in order to be able to experience something like it in real life. With each example she drew a diagram on the board and the audience helped by yelling out what was hot about it.

Often, she related, people have different ideas of what a particular activity looks like. With more conversation, you might find more common ground than you think. It made me re-think a lot of the movies and tv shows I loved as a. KinkFest was a fantastic weekend extravaganza. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface. Learn more. If you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or a perspective to offer — welcome home. Start a blog.

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