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Good luck finding content like this on the web.

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Art: Evan Sklar. Hypnokink creators know the internet hates them. The kink, which is also refered to as erotic hypnosis, manifests itself in hypno kink ways. Some create hypnotic videos or audio, guiding listeners into trances that expand their minds and take their arousal to new heights. Others just stick to creating content around the concept as a whole, by writing stories with mind-controlling protagonists or by making images or GIFs of hypnotized subjects.

Even platforms like Reddit, which have channels for all sorts of kinks, have plenty of posts that mock hypnosis content proving, once again, that the world wide web has some major beef with hypnokink. Patreon is the latest in a long string of online platforms to call for the removal of erotic hypnosis content.

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Earlier this year, the platform began sending out letters to hypnokink content creators, warning that anyone with material of this nature would have their s removed. The list included, but was certainly not limited to, hypnosis audio, roleplay videos and photos, fictional stories that included hypnosis, and comics with hypnotized characters.

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Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. As the internet became more common, online communities were able to develop, forming on sites like FetLife in and Tumblr in For years, these sites were known for being more adult-content friendly than other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. With the rise of Patreon, which launched inhypnokink creators were hypno kink, for the first time ever, to actually make money embracing their kink by selling art, stories, and audio around it.

But over the course of the past two years, content bans on a of these once-friendly sites have repeatedly censored and dismantled hypnokink communities.

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Princess Emma is a longtime hypnokink creator who recently had to remove her content from Patreon and now posts it predominantly on Twitter. Before Patreon, she had attempted to sell downloadable hypno kink hypnosis tracks on Etsy, but they were quickly removed because Etsy had already begun pulling files that supported violence or harm towards others — and hypnokink apparently fell into that category. FetLife, which once helped the hypnosis community find each other, has now banned a of larger hypnokink groupsincluding the New England Erotic Hypnosis un Conference, also known as NEEHU, which occurs every year in Connecticut.

Inthe blogging platform banned all adult content, which included erotic hypnosis materials. Their content still includes hypnosis, but lacks any and all sexual undertones, as well as images that could be considered pornographic. But losing all of their followers and being limited in what they can share has made a return to Tumblr less than appealing for most creators.

Some creators have taken to Twitter, but it still means having to rediscover those old connections. Through her Patreon, she sells stories with erotic hypnosis undertones, as well as historical essays about stage magic and forgotten hypnotists. Lo of other hypnosis creators have had their s locked or taken down entirely. The problem is the only ones that will allow erotic content for pay suck or have limitations. As a fringe interest, finding those who understand and relate to it can be difficult. The internet once gave people a way to make those connections with others.

It even gave kinksters an opportunity to make money. For Princess Emma — who has been making hypnosis videos since — the internet provided a way for her to understand why she felt excited when hypnosis was discussed. From there, I found the hypnosis community, primarily on YouTube, but on a few other sites as well. As I got older, and explored more, I found the erotic hypnosis scene, and that blew the door open and connected the dots of why I felt like I did about hypnosis.

So what do you do when the thing that introduced you hypno kink something suddenly starts slamming doors in your face?

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I think a lot of people are closed-minded and won't even give it a try. That too, I hope will change. She might be right to be optimistic, even in the face of the continuous content bans.

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After all, the hypnokink community existed before the internet, before FetLife, before Tumblr, and before Patreon. And, with a bit of luck and a lot of determination, it will hopefully continue to exist even after their bans. To complete the subscription process, click the link in the we just sent you. Because you can, thanks to this Californian art-project-on-wheels. As an objectophile, Amanda Liberty feels attraction to objects, not people. A salaciously trimmed bush has proven too tempting for the local men.

By Jacqueline Gualtieri. Over the years, hypnokink creators have been chameleonic, managing to find homes in different online platforms — but now those platforms are taking steps to ban their content, too. At this point, there isn't much of a reason to have a Patreon. What can we even post? It's better to just put our time and effort into some other site for monetization or selling. But those options get fewer and fewer every day. To go from having a huge community on Tumblr to having no community at all can be difficult for anyone who wants to connect with people who understand their kinks.

Jacqueline Gualtieri is a Bay Area-based writer who's still a Jersey girl at heart. She's also been a preschool teacher, a librarian, an influencer ghost writer, and a digital media marketer. Evan Sklar is an artist, illustrator, and photographer straight out of Brooklyn, where he enjoys walking his dogs and complaining about the weather and public transportation. Address. Other stories:. The Curious Case of Clothing Porn. An underground world of YouTube smut, revealed. The downsides of being attracted to art.

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