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Millions around the world use popular social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Each day, more captions, tags, and slangs are created, circulated, and eventually make their way into our conversations. Understandably, with these new hip abbreviations, people get confused, and one of the questions asked this time is, what does HMU mean on Snapchat?

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The language used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram is drastically different from a few years ago. New platforms frequently cook up their own hashtags, which then translates into short texting slangs. Unless you are active in the social media bubble and keep up with the latest trends, these "slangs" are impossible to decode for the average user.

During regular texting, people generally use HMU, which means "hit me up". It means to get in touch or establish communication through text, call, or in some cases, face to face. It's a direct invitation used on a more personal level if you know the person and want them to contact you anytime. For example, you can message a friend to hit you up meet you when visiting your town or at a party.

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As per Statista, Snapchat has close to million active daily users worldwide. You can probably understand how this le to confusion during chat conversations as each group of people use entirely different slangs to get their thoughts across.

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The modern evolution of the English language focuses on fast response and convenience rather than clarity. That's why Snapchat became so popular because nothing is faster than snapping pictures to tell your story and the latest Snapchat update allows you to use funky looking lenses from other apps. On large platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, which have a broader reach, the term HMU has a straightforward meaning. It still translates to "hit me up" but here it means to text one or dm direct message one, usually to voice opinions or to enquire about the content in their posts.

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You can usually see lots of HMU Snapchat captions along with selfies in the daily feed. Most of them are invitations to have a chat because of boredom or an ad to sell a product. You can directly type HMU like many people do or you can use a Snapchat emoji to express it. There are many emojis used to convey this message, but the most common ones are traditional s for "call me" the hand with the pinky finger out and the DM emoji arrow pointing to a phone.

Both of these tell the audience the same thing; the only difference is that these two are a little more specific. The Debate. Breaking News. Butterfly Kisses ending explained: What happens at the end of the horror film?

Hmu instagram post

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