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Jung-Won looks at the scented candle in her hand and blames the scented candle. She has a daughter. Her husband died 2 years earlier, but his body was never found. She then receives a phone call without a caller ID. The caller plays a song that was her husband's favorite song.

His daughter attends the same kindergarten as Se-Yeon's daughter. Eun-Soo works as a psychiatrist. He believes that the mistress killed his father. Eun-Soo does not tell her client that she is the one who had the secret affair with his father. Eun-Soo also has another secret. Jung-Won is a high school teacher. He seems like the perfect husband. Dong-Seok wants to have badly, but Jung-Won doesn't know the real reason why her husband wants. The real reason is so Dong-Seok can have material for a hello my sexy mistress TV show. He tells her that he likes her. Hwa-Young works as an office administrator at a law firm.

She enjoys her single life and she doesn't want to be tied down with one man. One day, a female client comes and requests that someone secretly follow her husband Tae-O Kim Min-Soo. Name required. Mail required but will not be published. It's sizzling and steamy but decent enough to airs in TV. I hate him so much here. I hate her so much too and she's scary. It's my first time watch her. Well done. Here is where Han Sang-hoon being tortured. Uhh I can't even. They should add pinches more of determination and bravery to her character.

Her child is being hurt. Her character should've been become more merciless to satisfy the viewer. But overall she's fine. So eye-candy too. It makes me uncomfortable watching them being hello my sexy mistress in front of their men.

But it means they understand the asment of deliver their character. Overall the story feels like patched up here and there because of their irregular plot and flashbacks, but this 4 women stick together so nice. I will miss this gang. Kim Na Na Dec 07 pm This drama was okay. The beginning was so complicated and honestly I got confused with all the names of the people who had been murdered and most of the background music was kinda scary.

Only the last 4 episodes were good. The drama could have been episodes. Ah Seyeon really make me angry. She's slow and stupid! She should've report the maid first time she found what she's done to her child but she just let her go. L20 Jul 17 pm This drama makes you realise that it's a scary world out there L20 Jul 17 pm This drama is really underrated! I'd compare it to sky castle level. I don't know if it's just me, but this drama moved me and made me feel as if I was a character in it. Great plot, writing, directing and acting. Note: do not start watching this if you are busy.

You won't stop when you start! I do hope there's a season 2, although it makes me worry what it'll bring!! Secondly, dont even try to explain a thing until you watch the last episode, you will just make fun of yourself later. This drama has a strange plot which make it mysterious and heart-catching. Unlike any other thrilling drama, the plot twists everytime. You never guess it right.

Thing is, they hide the information really good and make you follow traits they left. Im really happy Ah Yeon dad survived because he is the last one to take care his little daughter. Meanwhile he was kidnapped, I really worry for Ah Yeon who is left alone. I guess Ah Yeon aunt took care of her those days. The new arrival woman at the end promissing there will be another drama.

However, I think the prank call Se Yeon got at the end is a of bad news for the mistresses. A cycle, just like how it happened at the beginning. I am on episode 5 can someone pls tell me thx Zoe Jan 11 pm I was wondering, what is the song name that was played 34 minutes into the first episode?. This is when all the women get together in the car and talk. A song Se yeon's husband liked turned on and we yeon's friends changed the song. I want to know the song they changed to. Von Dec 15 pm I really Hope here is a season two with the same cast! This was very nicely done from beginning to end.

Don't get me wrong, I know that's quite impossible bcs of their past but seriously I think our doctor needs someone and he's super cute? OCN is making great world class dramas! I hello my sexy mistress this because of Han Ga In and the plot of the drama is perfectly executed. Part 2? But I would be happy if there is. I will watch Voice 2 first to see if Mistress will be connected to it. Characters are perfectly chosen. Especially Hwa Young. She is super hot. And hands down to Sang Hee Mom!! VL Jul 27 pm This drama was so intriguing and had my attention the whole time I was watching it.

Normally I multitask while watching a kdrama but this drama made me so in awe I couldn't watch it while doing something else. I love love love the casting. Kang Tae-O, Minggyu, Seonho, and Sanghoon wow basically all the guys lmfao were so fit for their characters, not to mention attractive. Props to the directors for finding such great casts.

Jj Jun 16 pm I just finished this series and it's literally mind blowing, thrilling and sexy. Anyways the reason why Lee Ha Na appeared on the last episode as the mysterious woman is because of her upcoming series Voice 2, some sort of promotional lol. Just kidding. Hopefully it could have a second season and looking forward for more enticing and exciting characters. Maggie Jun 10 am OMG yes! Btw, I also saw someone who is on the same as mine. Hopefully, you can help us. Thanks guys! Hyemi Jun 05 pm Anyone know what song is with the lyrics " if I choose only one in my life, could it be you"?

I'm looking for it but nothing found AK Jun 05 am It's lee hana the woman that appeared in the last episode and i think there will be season 2. Etaessa Jun 04 am Will there be season 2? Sunglasses May 30 pm. I don't know why all the clues pointing out to kim tae hoo while he has been like out of the picture. The call from someone called "wife" in his smarthphone and the dead body's white t shirt are all pointing out to him. The white t'shirt was his last outfit in the last scene when he met hwa young. Also, the man who stole the money from locker really looks like him.

The haircut wasn't kim you dae's. Kim young dae wears green, Mr. Chef is in the police station. The only possible person is kim tae ho. But how and why? As for sang hoon, i really hope he still alive. Remember someone throw a rock when the ahjumas had a visit from the cops. And the dead body was dissapear. I hope it was him trying to help ahjumas. Hunmily kropi May 30 am I'm really curious about the dead body When will the 11th an 12th episode release? Sunglasses May 23 pm remember the clue given "all death are related".

Most of us forget that beside baek jae hee and cha min jae death there's one more death mentioned, sang hoon's ex-wife suicide. The reason i still have faith for him is because he is single father, he has something to loose, compare to other 3 men, kim young dae has family too but he's like psyco, he even able to beat his wife, and doesn't care if yerin is alive or not. Etaessa May 21 pm I watch the drama without sutitlea after the first two episodes. Fortunately I understand the point of the drama.

I dont watch the original version and I wont. I wont ruin my curiousness about the owner of the death body they killed. I enjoy this curiousness, but really I dont want that body belongs to Sang Hoon. This such great drama for hello my sexy mistress ga in return, love it. Great drama for han ga in comebackk Bux bunny May 02 pm I have a habit of watching Korean dramas at night. At first it was very interesting but when I reached the middle of the second episode i got scared if it is a horror drama.

Hello my sexy mistress

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