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Hey I'm open for new ideas for rps and everything, I can do that here, kik, or discord, if you wanna do that be free to pm me. I remember when I was young I got into furry roleplay but only because I liked how soft everything was everybody was so horny but I was there like I shall nap here. First time was in the first 24 hour of our relationship. We dated for like a month but this relationship was amazing to me. We still amazing friends 4. Rice hurt me so much : we were off and on for a while we dated thru November to April I dated one of my best friends?? Finally but not least?? Looking for someone to rp phan, open furry kik rp pretty much any ideas except for gender switch or furries if those are your things, that's cool, no judgement just not for me!

Human and furry characters and furry kik rp else under the sun. Except children, and C-boys. Are welcome:. I'm Kota, and I'm I'm kinda picky, but not at the same time. Now about the roleplay. I do write third person, semi-lit to full lit. I honestly do not care much about the length of the replies, as long as they have detail in them or material I can use to create my next reply.

As long as your reply isn't "he smiled" I'm happy. My replies can be anywhere from 2 detailed sentences to 3 paragraphs. It depends on the situation like I'm at work, or I'm walking, or whatever. I try my hardest. I also almost reply instantly because I'm bored.

I'm strictly MxM and I play submissive characters. That being said, I do like to make my subs sassy, and have a bite back. I'm not all weak in the knees for my 'dom'.

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I'll bite his finger if I want to. And I'm a modern roleplayer. I like modern scenes, so old timey rps are not for me. Now for likes. As said I'm strictly MxM and sassy sub. I am pretty much open to everything. I like darker, dramaticer roleplays. Ones that have self harm, thoughts of death, scenes of abuse. I also love the idea of a very controlling dom. But, anything goes. Could be a simple rp, I don't mind. Dislikes, well. I hate constant drug use.

I hate the way it sets the tone. I also like smut, but only at specific times unless it's a purely smut rp. I don't really like gore either.

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So that's a no no. Furries, no.

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Scat, no. I always struggle with my dislikes, so if something comes up, I'll just let ya know.

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As for Fandom. Only one. Twenty One Pilots. Looking for Joshler rp partners as always. Hi guys! Come my furry Kik group!

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Everyone is welcome! The theme of the GC is Local Tavern where you can drink and crash out for the night. It'll make me very happy to see this GC blossom and popping with activity. View Full. I shall nap here Living my best cat fantasy life. Anyone wanna be friends ;-. Horny switch furry kik rp for any furry to rp with Just like the title says im a switch looking for other furrys to rp with. Alright on kik there is this furry chat I got added to and everyone is so nice and we are talking about shojo mangas.

But yeah, hmu! Or message me for my kik :. Phan Phanfic phan rp phan roleplay phanfiction phan au. I RP smut. You can DM me if you are interested. We can plot almost anything in the DMs. Are welcome: Men Women Sissies Etc. I will be selective based on grammar.

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We can discuss kinks and limits in the DMs. Indie rp oc rp multiple paragraph para semipara long term literate action drama angst fandom historical modern original post apocalyptic romance slice of life submission. Groups Hello everyone, My name is Shy and I have a few furry groups which I would love to invite my fellow Furries too.

The tags are as followed: furryrploung3 takes place is a lounge in a city furrycafestarlight cafe setting furryyifstrip2 it's a strip club resort furrytavernofhell brothel in hell. Any questions message me on Kik littletinyfurry I also have some ddlg groups. Feel free to reach out to me on Kik about those. my group? Advertising Kik Group Chat this is my first time making a post on here so this start up may be horrible. We hope to see you there!! Show More.

Furry kik rp

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Horny switch looking for any furry to rp with