The Dash Coin, also known as Darkcoin or XCoin, is currently one of the most promising Altcoins on the market.

This Altcoin is based on the best known and most successful crypto currency, the Bitcoin. It is therefore compatible with all existing exchanges, traders and wallet software.

What the Dash currently has to offer in terms of features is unique. Dash is currently ranked at 19 in the coin ranking behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, this old coin has experienced enormous increases in value up to an incredible 50 percent compared to the Bitcoin. At the end of 2015 the Dash still had a value of 2 dollars. Today, the price of Dash is somewhere around the $100 mark. Thus its yield is in this time span with enormous 2000 per cent. The distribution of Dash remains controversial.

What is the Dash coin?

The Dash coin was published by Evan Duffield at the beginning of 2014 under the name XCoin. The Dash is based on the concept of the CoinJoin. In this process, transactions are mixed to better protect privacy. At Bitcoin, this is only possible via third parties, which requires a certain amount of trust in them. The transactions at Bitcoin are transparent in the blockchain and can be viewed by any user who knows a bit.

This means that the Bitcoin is not traded anonymously. With the JoinCoin concept, on the other hand, many transactions consisting of the inputs and outputs of different addresses are merged and put into one block. With this Trustless Mixing Service protocol level, the transactions are more opaque than with the BitCoin. Initially, the Dash was published under the name XCoin. Shortly afterwards, it was renamed Darkcoin. Since spring 2015, the crypto currency is now called Dash Coin, which is less to associate a connection to Darknet.

The characteristics of Dash

The Dash Coin offers the advantage of fast transactions. As the dash is based on the Bitcoin code, it is – as already mentioned – compatible with all existing exchanges, traders and wallet software. The remarkable difference to other coins is the protocol level described above, called DarkSend. Since its introduction, the Dash has successfully implemented a feature called InstantSend.

This provides a 1.3 second confirmation for fee-paying users. The mining speed can be set individually for each block using the Dark Gravity Wave algorithm. The block time of the network itself is 2.5 minutes. The ASIC based hashrate is about 500 gigahashs per second. The algorithm for mining is called X11. In terms of the number of nodes in market capitalization, the infrastructure of the dash is better and more stable than that of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Dash coin remuneration

The pay rate is less than four dash and this amount decreases by 7.1 percent annually. This gives the dash coin a slow, steady emission curve that approaches zero at around 22 million coins.

The network block reward is given in three different groups. 45 percent each goes to the master nodes for PrivateSend and InstantSend functions and to the Miner as security. The remaining ten percent, approximately USD 1 million worth of dash coins per year, goes to all those directly involved in the project. These include marketers, developers and business experts.

To ensure strict policies, the master nodes demonstrate 1,000 Dash security. With a democratic vote, they decide who benefits most from the ten percent and in which direction the project should develop in the future. The next “evolution” of the Altcoin is expected at the end of 2017. It should be accompanied by a considerable simplification in operation.

Buy Dash

The Dash Coin can be bought on almost all known crypto exchanges. It is traded against numerous other coins or conventional currencies. Coinmarketcap currently lists 272 markets for this coin. So there are more possibilities to buy Dash, for example at Binance.

Conclusion on the Dash Coin

The Dash Coin is a promising Altcoin with great potential for the future. After the introduction of the Dash, the developers had programmed the system in such a way that they could mine a large part of the coins themselves.

Nevertheless, the fiat currency was able to hold its own in the market, and very well. The Altcoin seems to be able to solve problems that other crypto currencies still suffer from, including the market leader Bitcoin.

The decentralised management of the network ensures an almost democratic consensus for the further development of the Dash. PrivateSend provides better privacy protection and InstaSent makes real-time payment possible on the spot.

What is Dash?

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