Dirty snapchat 2017

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By Winston Ross.

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This is the promise of Snapchatthe mobile app that theoretically allows users to send whatever silly or ugly or dirty picture they want, to whomever they want, and never have it come back to haunt them, to leave no digital trace. Snapchat users are now sending million images to one another every day, up from million in June and 20 million a year ago.

Be it safe, be it foolhardy, Snapchat appears to be on fire. To a degree, yes. Om shanti om. There are adolescent boys all over America soliciting naughty pics from adolescent girls, he says. All of which is fine and good, says Larry Magid, co-director of ConnectSafely.

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And it means that most of the time, most of the pictures people send really will disappear forever. In this way, the rise of Snapchat demonstrates an odd kind of social-networking puberty. Five years ago, teenagers were far more stupid and careless about what they tweeted and what they photographed and where they sent it.

Now, they realize college admissions staffers are peering into their Facebook photos.

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The irony of all this is that in some ways, texting naughty pictures might actually be safer than Snapchatting them, said McLane. Last week, for example, police in Fargo, N. But the next question is the inevitable one, no matter how booming the startup: can it make money? Adrian Salamunovic is skeptical. What then? Depends on how the company innovates or fails toand whether a competitor comes along with the newest way for people to entertain each other. Sort of.

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Dirty snapchat 2017

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