Dental fetish

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Ok, so I [20F] have been into this for as long as I can remember, but I literally have not been able to find anything at all elsewhere about other people enjoying this, and am feeling a little worried because of that. Now, I'm not talking about other dental fetishes, where people are really into teeth or nice teeth, or just like the power dynamic of being told what to do in a dental chair, but rather the actual pain is a huge turn on.

I've always adored the hygienists who are more rough on my mouth when I go to the dentist, and hate when I end up with the ones who are nice and gentle with me. I have a retainer I only wear at night, and a lot of the times I don't wear it for long periods of time just so it will be extremely tight on my teeth and my mouth with hurt like crazy when I wake up. I had to get a cavity filled recently, and my dentist, also female, is very good but it was still quite painful.

When she asked me if I was ok I obviously didn't want her to be more gentle so I just said yes, and she proceeded to make it hurt even more. I was in heaven. Is anyone else like this? Or dental fetish of people like this? I swear I check like every day online to see if there are forums or posts with people who have this same fetish and I never find anything other than those who like nice teeth and who enjoy the power dynamic, like I said before. It's really starting to make me feel I think those kinks are often associated with a level of discomfort and BDSM.

Again, it sounds like you've already done your research, but I think anyone interested in medical kink would be more than happy to indulge your specific interest. Why are you so concerned with finding someone with a kink identical to your own? Speaking as someone else with a medical fetish, I see the dental fetish as one where everyone has their own specific interests within a larger selection of instruments and dynamics.

I would imagine that few people overlap entirely. It's ok to be into your own thing!

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I guess I never really looked into people with medical fetishes before, and to dental fetish honest, didn't really know that was a thing outside of the dentistry fetish I guess a lot of me wanting to find someone else like me is just because as far as I have ever seen, this isn't really a fetish that is normalised or that often comes up as a topic, so part of it is insecurity. Everyone my whole life insists that they hate going to the dentist, and it's generally the norm to not just feel indifferent about it, but to hate it, which makes things even weirder for someone like me just trying to figure things out.

You must be loving the fact my wisdom teeth are killing me recently lol. I can kind of see where you are coming from. I have never thought to put it into a sexual light. Yeah, definitely!

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I totally get the wearing my retainer too tight, thing, too. Their mother taught them everything they know.

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She's gifted, but elderly. People think she shouldn't be working. She can't really see who you are, but she knows the sound of your voice. That's how l want to be.

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He had a Corvette. Everybody calls him ''Doctor'' and he's not really a doctor. You work with incredible professionals, using incredibly wonderful equipment You are something special. You are something special! Thank you! Don't stop, Doc! Don't stop!

Come on!

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Dental pain fetish? Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Well I should introduce you to my dentist. Getting my wisdom teeth out was so great ahah. Continue this thread.

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Dental fetish

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