Crush crush naked

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Cassie is the first girl unlocked in the game and the one that unlocks the most content as you advance through her stages.

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You encounter her at the very beginning, when you crush her with your bicycle, breaking her ribs and hospitalizing her. Cassie is initially very antagonistic towards you after your meeting caused her to be hospitalized.

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But she gradually warms up to you as your relationship increases. She has the personality of a traditional tsundere, not fully expressing her affection until you hit Crush level. She can sometimes be arrogant, often expecting to be flattered, such as how she expects you to narrow down what you like about her. She also seems to expect a lot from your character, particularly in appearance, as she often visions having a 'badass' to 'sweep [her] off [her] feet'.

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It's implied she has lycanthropy and canine tendencies because of how she'll talk about how the moonlight makes her feel tingly when you take her on a Moonlight Stroll, and higher relations le to her threatening to bite you if you don't give her attention. Crush Crush Wikia Explore. Characters Girls Guys Cats? You Crab Pigeon Lil Quill. Admins JerenSoon Eaves Fern inactive. Official Links.

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Cassie pushes you to the bed, and pins you down. She wants on top. Her hand grasps your wrists and she presses into you. Soon her breaths deepen. Her body shudders, and she can't help it. She moans your name, and loses herself You big jerk. Do you want to go again?

Crush crush naked

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