Bdsm limits checklist

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But what exactly is the difference between hard and soft limits? Having limits while engaging in BDSM allows the submissive to explore their sensuality safely. They can give up all control, and be free from making the decisions. Both individuals will be able to completely let go, and fully enjoy living the lifestyle. These are things that the sub maybe interested in but is hesitant about exploring.

You cannot assume that just because someone has agreed to be a submissive that they are OK with everything. The boundaries of soft limits are flexible as the Dom sees fit and the submissive agrees to push and expand slowly. However, once something has been decided upon hopefully in a contract it can be freely asked or demanded.

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Some examples are: oral sex, swallowing semen, nipple clamps, spanking, flogging, being blindfolded, butt plugs, gagging, wax play, and bondage with tape. Light bruises might be acceptable and tolerable, but permanent scars or marks may not be. Always discuss what types of pain, punishments, and discipline are allowed, and the intensity and severity of each.

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Doms can have boundaries too. The point is, no one should be pressured to do something that they are uncomfortable with. Limits can change over time, and some can be more fluid than others. For example, a sub may only be comfortable with something like rimming on some occasions, but their Dom has to ask first. And sometimes boundaries can soften in the presence of alcohol, but even so, the Dom should always make sure the sub really wants to and is giving their full consent. Requirements are not always talked about online when discussing the subject of limits but they deserve to be mentioned.

These would be things that a partner has to have. Remember: Safewords can help establish limits too. If a couple is exploring something new like anal play, safewords can help guide the Dom as to what is acceptable and what is too far. Sometimes for a seemingly minor offense the Dom could be warned never to do that again. But for more major breaches of trust, submissive always has the power to terminate the relationship.

So as you can see, limits are for the benefit of everyone involved, and are in no way restrictive. To make it easier for you, try creating a list, either by yourself or with your partner. Ultimately this will bring more pleasure and trust to the relationship. Thanks for your comment, Valerie! And yes! You should never perform BDSM while intoxicated. But even so, as mentioned in the article, full consent is always needed. I am interested in becoming a submissive and have been for a while. I have been introduced a couple of things to my boyfriend like spanking with paddles, blindfolding, handcuffs, and other beginners stuff.

He said he likes it but he wants me to tell him what to do and how to do it. I kind of feel it defeats the purpose of me being the submissive. He is supposed bdsm limits checklist be in control I thought. Am I wrong for thinking this? Namely our vagina. Through online trainings and mentoring, I help new and experienced Doms and subs live the BDSM lifestyle to the fullest.

Why have limits in BDSM? There are bdsm limits checklist kinds of limits- soft vs hard: Soft These are things that the sub maybe interested in but is hesitant about exploring. Share your hard and soft list below. about etiquette in the lifestyle ». Facebook Twitter Pinterest. It is dangerous for all parties. Hi Maci! We cover that issue in detail and the step-by-step process to fix it in my new workshop. Subscribe to Blog via .

Bdsm limits checklist

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BDSM Limits: Learn What’s Hard and Soft